London, 13 December 2007

September 2007. Dita Von Teese and Cointreau, the famous orange liqueur, are delighted to officially announce their partnership. The partnership will last for two years and create a rich variety of ideas, thanks to their shared inspiration. The first big event is taking place on December, 13th in London. What better city is there than fantastic London to host the first "Be Cointreauversial” show?

A beautiful church with a specially designed theatrical setting created to reflect and compliment the Contreauversial performance by Dita Von Teese. This show was dreamt up by Dita Von Teese and is an evocation of the Cointreau world, a world that Dita Von Teese has herself discovered and which has completely won her over. Cointreau and its unique “French touch” has thrived for more than 160 years without changing anything, from the shape of its legendary bottle to its delicate and instantly recognisable flavours.

It was only natural that this iconic bottle should join the Dita Von Teese world and her carefully crafted character, a blend of retro and modernity, that little je ne sais quoi, a freedom of thought that extends far beyond any diktats one might apply. Dita wanted this show to be completely feminine, sensual and as delicious as the first sip of a wonderfully fruity cocktail. She appears, caught between shadow and light, a silhouette wrapped in an amber dress covered in Swarovski crystals, in homage to the colours of Cointreau. Then she slips through the silhouette of the bottle, rips the sash in a bacchanalian unveiling and plunges into the new cocktail glass made specially according to her own design. In the magnificently magical minutes that follow, Dita Von Teese sparkles and enraptures in a dizzy cocktail of grace and pure femininity. These rare and timeless moments end in a shower of violet petals. Dita Von Teese adores the violet, that falsely shy and deliciously quaint flower, with its powdery scent and divine colour so evocative of the nostalgic Paris of which Arletty sung, a light tune with delicately perfumed notes. Indeed Dita perfumes herself with a few Houbigant “flowers”, shimmering in velvety purple. So when Cointreau asked Dita Von Teese to create her own cocktail, it was clear that the violet would be not just a key ingredient, but the very heart and soul of this cocktail. That little extra touch of soul that triggers a unique sensation when blended with Cointreau’s orange notes, an endlessly surprising dance of startling aromas. *This "flower-cocktail" is given extra zing by the delicate touch of fresh ginger on the rim of the glass, a flamboyant touch that Dita insisted upon ! » Clearly there was only one name for such a cocktail: The Cointreau Teese, in homage to its creator.

The recipe:
4 cl Cointreau
2 cl apple juice
1.5 cl Monin violet
1.5 cl fresh lemon juice
frost ginger around the riim of the glass.

A cocktail that you will soon be able to sip in the trendiest bars on the planet.



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